International Kidsy joint stock Comapany was established in 2012, is the precursor of Ha Le Garment Company limited.

International Kidsy joint stock Comapany with 52% foreign investment capital, specializing in manufacturing men's, women's, and kids’ fashion apparel, uniforms, and garment products for export. Keeping five years of establishment and development, we are constantly striving to improve from human resources to infrastructure to create more and more quality products to customers.

Currently, our main export market is Japan. It is one of the most demanding markets in the world, where requires rigorous standards about quality, safety level, environmental friendliness, and craftsmanship in design. However, we might meet all the strict requirements from our Japanese partner. We successfully exported hundreds of thousands of garment products to Japan every year, which proves S&I’s prestige and position in the garment export market in Vietnam.

In the garment field, we understand that people are the most important factor; a good tailor can create a perfect product, so we always focus on training our tailors to raise their professional qualification. Now we can be confident to affirm that we have a team of skilled tailors with many years of experience who take care of each needle line, and sewing nose, to make the best quality products to customers.

Simultaneously, we are equipped with modern machinery; upgrade our infrastructure, to create the best conditions for our workers to do their work.

With the continuous development, we have built a modern processing factory system with more than 100 professional tailors to meet the demands of the market as well as to ensure the prestige, quality and transparency for customers. We always make an effort to bring the best values to customers.

Key services, products:

- Receiving the export manufacturing contract for famous international fashion brands; providing many garment products: traditional fashion, festival clothes, uniforms, formal clothes, or kids’ fashion;

- Receiving the entrusted processing contracts for foreign enterprises who would like to process garments in the Vietnamese market but not yet licensed to operate;

- Producing garment products with customers’ brand name according to their orders

- Providing the service: importing raw materials for the garment industry to support the production and business of companies in the sector.

Commitments: The most economical cost – the best quality product

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Headquater: No. 56, Village 3, Song Phuong Commune, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi Capital

Tel: +84-24 7307 3389