The Government on February 2, 2018 issued Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP replacing Decree No. 38/2012/ND-CP guiding the implementation of the Law on Food Safety, a move strongly welcomed by business community. The most notable point in this decree is the new regulation "Enterprises can announce the declaration of conformity to food safety regulations for their foods by themselves".

The Decree 15 is considered a “revolution” in food safety management. It removes hazy and unspecified regulations before that caused money and time waste of enterprises.

the product quality self-declaration in Vietnam

However, whether the self-declaration is really effective for enterprises as well as the food industry today? And enterprises can meet all requirements of the product quality declaration as prescribed in the decree? The corollaries that businesses will face when declaring conformity deviated from the real product in the market.

Therefore, with many years of experience in the field of Customs Brokerage, Export-Import Entrustment, and product quality Declaration along with a experts team who always update, handle the complicated administrative procedures, the newest changes in the legal policies of authorities, ILT will be a reliable consultant, ready to FREELY support enterprises all barriers about procedures of the product declaration such as: making declaration papers, creating records, or introducing your product information on our official website.

procedures to self-declare the product quality -

Below are some useful information ILT provides businesses who would like to complete the self- declaration of their products.

Enterprises are entitled to declare their products:

- The enterprises producing and trading in packaged processed foods, food additives, food processing supportive substances, food containers, and packaging materials in direct contact with food can declare their products by themselves rather than making statements of standard conformity or statements of compliance with food safety regulations as before.

- For products and materials which are produced or imported only for producing and processing exports, or serving the internal production without being distributed to the domestic market, they are exempt from the self-declaration.

The cases where the product declaration must be registered:

Pursuant to Decree 15, enterprises producing and trading in products, such as health protective foods, food additives with new effects, food additives not named in the list of additives which are allowed to be used in foods, or used for the wrong subjects which are prescribed by the Ministry of Health (MOH), must register the product declarations with the MOH, or with the Health Department for medical nutritional foods, foods used in special diets; nutritional products for children up to 36 months of age.

The record Sample of the product quality self-declaration:

  1. Sample of the product self-declaration – sample No. 1 in the Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP
  2. The result form of food safety Testing in a 12-month period until the date of the record submission issued by a designated laboratory or a laboratory certificated with ISO:17025, meeting all safety indicators of the Ministry of Health issued on the principles of risk management that comply with international regulations or safety indicators according to relevant standards promulgated by organizations or individuals in cases of no regulation of the Ministry of Health (the original or authenticated copy).

Accordingly, if the enterprise have not had the result of food safety testing yet, please send the sample to ILT. We will help you build the accurate testing criteria to save costs and complete the fastest self-published record.

steps of the product quality declaration -

Steps of the product quality self-declaration:

- The self-declaration must be made on the mass media or the website, or by public posting at the head office of the enterprise.

- At the same time, the enterprise must submit a self-declaration dossier to the Health Department prior to producing and trading in these products.

Results of the quality self-declaration:

- To enterprises/suppliers: After they announce their new products, they will have the right to sell, distribute them, and  bear the full responsibility about the product’s safety.

- To State agencies: receive the self-declaration of enterprises/suppliers to save the record and upload the enterprise’s name and its product on digital channels of the receiving agency.

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