In the development orientation, ILT is positioned to supply full-package solutions according to the requirements of the garments industry.

In the era of booming e-commerce channels, garments is the definition of a fast-moving industry. Lead times, accuracy, availability, and reliability are key factors of brand success. To guarantee these elements, it is compulsory for enterprises to have an efficient, flexible, and optimal supply chain system.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of garment and fashion, ILT clearly understands the issues that enterprises are facing in the aspects of transport and logistics. As a result, ILT's specialists have tailored customized solutions for every modal of business, meeting all challenges of this dynamic sector.

logistics services for the garments industry in vietnam

ILT’s Services in the supply chain of the garment industry:

- Warehouses and Distribution Centers Management: We can handle every aspect of your warehouse design, development, and operation. From design to implementation, we have the people, practices, experience and technologies to build optimal IT systems and seasonal scalability right into the solution.

- Distribution to stores, agencies, and commercial centers: We manage effective transport operations from distribution centers, factories, border gate, or cross-docks to your stores, agencies, commercial centers, or any delivery address that you required. We also manage the return of goods and equipment from store to warehouse.

- Door – to – door delivery: ILT provides door – to – door delivery services in inner Hanoi.

- Reserve logistics: For garment products, it is quite normal to return fault products, unsold products, second-hand products, or product with fault packages or labels. To ensure that these products return to the downstream logistics channel in fastest time and the most effective manner, a series of reverse logistics activities are required to support this downstream movement. Managing returns effectively allows you to recapture value, whilst keeping your customers happy. We will help you plan and implement a reverse logistics solution that saves time and money, and improves customer service.

logistics services for garment industry

In the development orientation, ILT is positioned to supply full-package solutions according to the requirements of the garment industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable staffs in the field of garment and fashion will help you optimize your supply chain, ensure that every complicated process from input raw materials to output products and delivery to customers’ hand are smooth, effective, bring added values for enterprises.

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