For food and beverage, ensuring the hygiene, safety and quality of products in the process of transportation from the production place to the consumption place is always an important problem for individuals and businesses operating in the field. Because these are perishable products, short expiry date, requiring strict preservation conditions to guarantee quality, hygiene and food safety. Therefore, it is necessary for customers to find a partner providing effective logistics and supply chain services that meet all the stringent requirements of the food and beverage industry.

ILT is the best choice for you. With a global agent network and ten-year experience in the field of transportation and preservation of food and beverage, we are confident to bring the added values to customers and build long-term cooperative relationships based on the constantly improved solutions.

logistics services for food and beverage in Vietnam

Key services in the food and beverage supply chain of ILT:

- Providing food and beverages import services includes: Consult purchasing conditions and import procedures according to the current policies of the State; Carry out export procedures at the foreign side; Pack on-demand shipments; Arrange international shipping schedules, multimodal transportation to ensure the cargoes preservation condition; Make product promulgation records; Perform procedures for the registration of State quality inspection; Carry out customs clearance procedures; and Provide forwarding services under the EXW condition.

- Providing export services: deal with the record; apply for approval/ license from the management authorities and packaging cargoes according to customers’ demand, clear and inspect cargoes.

- Multimodal transport: ILT offers the most optimal transportation solutions for customers by combining  flexible, efficient transport types with specialized vehicles to guarantee the customer’s goods is always preserved and kept at a stable temperature from the production place to the consumption place.

- Planning to turn current transport routes into distribution points for different brands to reduce costs and improve distribution efficiency.

- Supplying customized packaging solutions based on the customer’ requests (replenishment of dry ice, heat insulation, preliminary refrigeration, re-refrigeration).

- Warehouse for rent, guaranteeing storage temperature requirements.

professional logistics services in Vietnam -

ILT commitments:

- a team of executives, who is dedicated, enthusiastic, highly experienced in the field of food and beverage, support customers to control the import and export demand in a closed cycle.

- 24/7 on-demand services: Fast – Safe - Economical.

- Manage the refrigeration chain in a closed cycle from the production place to the consumption destination; ensure that the temperature and humidity of the cargoes are controlled during the transportation process

- Modern monitoring system with the real-time positioning feature and temperature control.

With the mission of putting customer satisfaction and safety of the goods on the top, ILT will surely satisfy all the most demanding customers. The customers’ trust in the past time is the affirmation of the company stature in the transportation market, and the supply chain in Vietnam. We strongly believe that the success of customers is the motivation and the opportunity for us to exist and develop.

With our experiences in the food and beverage industry, ILT is looking forward to having opportunities to collaborate with individuals and businesses.

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