Indochina Logistics Service Trading Joint Stock Company (ILT) has been recognized as the official customs clearance agent of the General Department of Vietnam Customs since 2013. This is a solid background affirming the position of ILT on the market and reinforce customers' trust when choosing ILT Customs Clearance service.

When using ILT's customs brokerage service, we are allowed to name on the customs declarations on behalf of customers, help cargoes clearance become faster, and more convenient.

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What are the differences between hiring a customs clearance agent and a normal custom service?

Although both of them are customs service brokers, there are basic differences between customs declaration individuals and customs agents:

- The customs clearance agent is allowed to name on the customs declarations as the role of an agent. They use their signature and legal stamp to make the customs declaration.

Meanwhile, a customs broker has to use the cargoes owner's referral letter to handle the customs clearance. Their name do not appear on any document of the custom declaration record. With customs authorities, the broker is regarded as the owner of the goods.

For example, my company is providing the customs clearance service, and I only point my staff to bring the referral form and the customs record to make procedures. Therefore, the customs authority do not know any information about my company.

* About responsibility, the agent has higher level because they have the legal stamp on the customs declaration. Those enterprises will also be assessed by the customs authorities based on the declarations they have completed.

* About human resources, customs agents have to have trained staff about customs clearances and be recognized by the General Department of Vietnam Customs. While a customs broker can be anyone, they only eed to know some basic skills and is hired by the cargo owner, so he/she can do the service.

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Hiring a customs clearance agent has several advantages as follows:

  1. It is not necessary to use your digital signature to approve (from a distance), or send blank paper with your red stamp as before. The agent will use their digital signature to declare and transmit the declaration.

  2. The responsibility and qualification of the service supplier is higher than the customs broker is.

However, both the goods’ owner and the customs agent have psychological anxiety to sign the contract with the agent or sign the agent’s name on the customs declaration. The issue’s cause is considered by the complicated tax policies and the import and export policies as now, parties all are afraid of the legal issues while having no association of customs agents. The issue will probably be solved in the coming time, when the customs authorities deploy VNACCS system and promote the development of customs agent services.

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Conditions for being a customs clearance agent:

A customs agency must satisfy all of the following conditions:

- Have business registration in accordance with the law

- Have the business line of imported and exported goods-handling services or customs declaration services stated in its business registration certificate

- Have at least (at the beginning of 2014) one customs agent staff member who is trained and certified about customs competency. The employee have to attend training courses as prescribed in the Circular No. 80/2011 / TT-BTC at the training centers permitted by the General Department of Vietnam Customs such as Academy of Finance; College of Finance and Customs, or University of Finance – Marketing.

- Satisfy the conditions on computer linking to customs offices in order to conduct customs clearance procedures electronically at a Department of Customs of a province or city which already conducts customs procedures electronically.

Being one of the few enterprises that have been licensed as an official customs clearance agent in Vietnam, Indochina Logistics Service Trading Joint Stock Company is honored to provide customers with the reliable, fast, and affordable customs clearance service.

If you are meeting any obstacles in the clearance process, need find a reliable partner, please contact us. We will solve everything for you.


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